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Empowering Teachers to Teach
Now you can hire verified Grade Angels, ready to grade your homework assignments.

The Grade Angels Network is a platform that gives teachers the ability to hire a seasoned educator to grade their never ending stacks of student worksheets. The Network is a resource that will help connect teachers both new and experienced, to support each other in the pursuit of education.


Teachers we invite you to connect, collaborate, and gain a new perspective while having your papers graded with insightful feedback to help you and your students. 

Join as a Teacher

Hire your first Grade Angel today.

Join as a Grade Angel

Get paid to assist teachers with grading.  

Join as a Gift Angel

Support the teachers in your life.

Benefits of the Grade Angels Network


Connect with teachers across the nation that share the same expertise. Talk, learn, and grow from your connections.

 Gain Time 

Gain valuable time that is typically spent grading papers.

 Peace of Mind 

Know that your Grade Angel is an expert in your subject area, vetted and ready to grade your assignments and provide insightful feedback.


Grade Angels Unite

Earn money and collaborate with your fellow teachers

Become a Grade Angel


Each Grade Angel must be a current, retired, or aspiring teacher.

 Background Check 

Each potential Grade Angel must pass a background check.  


Share your expertise through your valuable and insightful feedback.

 Earn Cash 

Earn cash safely, and easily. Grade where you want, when you want.


Gift Angels


Contribute to the success of your child by supporting their teacher.


Contribute to empowering the teacher workforce.

Friends & Family:

Forget the novelty gifts… give your favorite teachers the gift of time.

What is the Network?


Join the network and setup your account.

Submit an assignment to be graded, and let us find you the perfect Grade Angel.

Hire a Grade Angel and get your papers graded!


Join the network and upload your credentials

Accept assignments to grade for teachers.

Get hired and get paid!


Find your favorite teacher on the network

Add credits to their accout

Smile, because you just helped empower a teacher, to teach. 

Collaborate with verified graders. Receive meaningful feedback you can count on.

Take back your personal and planning time typically spent grading papers.

Give parents, family, and friends a new way to support your teaching career.

Accurately gauge student performance through feedback and collaboration.

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The Grade Angels Network
"Empowering Teachers to Teach"
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