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Success: The Marva Collins Approach

Movie credit: Dave Bell Associates; Media Five Film Distributors

Marva Delores Collins (née Knight; August 31, 1936 – June 24, 2015) was an American educator. Collins is best known for creating Westside Preparatory School, a private elementary school in the impoverished Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois which opened in 1975.-Marva_Collins


Marva Collins was a black education pioneer of her time. Starting from nothing, she created and developed schools and teaching systems that are still used today. These systems taught children who would otherwise not get a fair shot at life, how to succeed despite their struggles and to use each day and not waste it.

Check out this documentary on Marva to learn more about her extraordinary life's work!

The Grade Angels Network supports Marva and her work and appreciate what she's done to inspire so many lives.